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Selling Property In & Around Boca Raton Florida

Are you ready to sell your home?

We have buyers waiting.

Selling a home is a process. Getting you the best buyers and the best offers is all about marketing. While traditional marketing, like print, mail and open houses still matter, what matters most today is digital marketing. Making buyers aware of the property’s availability and benefits takes place first on the Internet today.

  • Getting the most out of the process starts with finding the best Realtor. You’ve already done that here.
  • Next involves setting a price. REALTOR®  Jason Pelish will do the homework, so you don’t have to. He’ll analyze the market, and use a comparison process, to find the precise price that matches your needs and expectations.
  • Showcasing your listing to the large numbers of available buyers is next. Digital marketing and traditional marketing techniques are used to get the top buyers engaged.
  • The next step involves collecting the buyer’s offers. Jason will bring the buyer offers to you. Not every buyer is the same – some have contingencies. Jason will help you understand the differences between the buyers and their offers.
  • Jason will communicate the meaning and implications of the various steps and stages of the contract and closing process. If you’ve got questions about Florida’s requirements for home buying, mortgage, insurance, taxes and contracts let Jason know. He’s not a lawyer, but can let you know when you’ll need one.


Call Jason Pelish at (954) 415-3332

He’ll protect your interests as a home seller and make the process of selling your home as easy and painless as possible.


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